Click Engine Review - 3 Best Features

Click Engine review and my results

Many people might not have heard of the Click Engine as I recently came across this product and signed up myself to check it out to see if it actually lives up to it’s promises.

After logging into the Click Engine, there were several video training lessons on how to promote your affiliate links, as well as getting traffic through their free rotator.

The Click Engine is more than a traffic tool, as it shows how to setup a landing and grow an email list. Plus, there are many good training tips.

I have joined other ad rotators before, but most of the traffic were not buyers but mainly tire kickers.  

I then setup my first affiliate link in the rotator to see what results I would get.

Like many rotators I was getting 267 unique visitors in 30 days.   However, I noticed  I was able to get 87 email opt ins and actually had 2 sales.

Two sales amount to about $35.21, which doesn’t sound like a lot but remember this was FREE traffic! 

clickengine review
clickengine review

My Click Engine review is very positive at this point!

I will continue using this each month and they allow me to change my ads with different affiliate links.  So I can test different affiliate products to see which ones convert the best.

The cost of the Click Engine is $4.90 per month or $49 for the year (2 months free).

I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn how to setup a great looking landing page, opt in forms and drive traffic.

Not only is my Click Engine review positive, but there are many other positive testimonials who use the Click Engine as well.

The owner Jeff Aman, has excellent video training that covers every step, even for those who are not tech savvy.

Jeff has been extremely successful as he advocates growing a huge email list as that is how is making over six figures a year. 

When you join the Click Engine you also get eight free bonuses as well.  

Plus, if you then want to promote his Click Engine program they pay a 50% commission.

Click Engine Review: Are there any downsides?

Not sure if you really call it a downside, but Jeff sends you daily emails with tips and offers, so you receive a lot of emails from him. 

However, that is how email marketing works and his tips and offers are very good.

I found that the support is good too as I had a few questions and their support emailed me back in a few hours.

Final Verdict of the Click Engine Review

To sum up, the Click Engine review; it is a great program to join for a small price.

Jeff teaches you step by step the exact ways he promotes through landing pages and emails and you can copy his formula and how to promote them.

If you’re like me, you want to get your links in front of people who are serious buyers, and who are looking to take action on whatever it is you have to offer.

That’s why I like The Click Engine, as they do have members who are looking for offers. 

You can watch this short 3 minute video below that explains how it works

If you are looking for an easy to use AI video creator check out Flicki

I focus on 3 main areas.  My articles on my website, my YouTube videos, and promoting with ads.

If you are looking to make videos for YouTube, I would recommend Matt Pars YouTube Mastery Course as it teaches you step by step on how to find a niche for YouTube and how to create and promote YouTube videos

Here is a link for Matt's course with a discount.  

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