A2 Hosting Review.   How does it match up with 10 Popular Hosting Companies.

A2 is the hosting provider that I've used for the past year and a half.

I started out five years ago using GoDaddy as a hosting provider.

Then I switched over to Siteground for the past four years as they had better hosting services and free SSL with their hosting package.

Both of those hosting services were decent, although Siteground was preferred over Godaddy.

The reason I chose A2 hosting, was that their hosting speed was even better than Siteground and offered even better prices. 

A2 hosting review may seem that I am biased as I use A2 hosting for my hosting provider. 

But I wouldn't give this A2 hosting review a top rating if I didn't believe in their product and service. 

a2 hosting review

A2 offers a shared hosting plan as well as WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

They provide excellent prices for each of their hosting services, and I went with their shared hosting.

What I like is that they don't overload their servers, as they make sure that they're performing at an optimum speed.

They offer different shared hosting plans listed below:

a2 hosting planss

This is for a yearly plan by the way six dollars a month you pay by the year, but it offers the turbo boost up to 20 times faster.

You get free automated, backup, unlimited websites, and get free SSL with it as well. 

This is important with a website as you need to have HTTPS: to show security for your site. This is needed not only for security but Google likes that as well for keyword ranking.

Along with the many features they have excellent support service.

They have phone service, live chat, and email support.  I have always used live chat as I usually get through almost within a minute, and maybe as long as five minutes to get a support rep.

You can call for phone support as well, but if you all them up in the middle of the day the wait can sometimes be 10 to 15 minutes.

They offer 99.9% uptime and also have a free website builder.  However, I use WordPress so don’t use the website builder.

They also provide a free daily backup of your site.

So if you happen to make a mistake and break something with a plug-in or you try to do some scripting and mess something up, you can always just revert to where you were before you messed up it up.

You also get unlimited email accounts.  Some hosting services limit the number of email accounts you can have.  

They have an easy-to-use Cpanel and offer lots of free extras like Woocommerce, WordPress Tookit, Drupal, Joomla, spam firewall, and visitor stats.

Below is the A2 hosting review comparison of features against 10 other popular hosting providers.

a2 hosting review

On A2 hosting website they have a comparison showing the speed tests and other features vs 10 of the more popular web hosting providers.

Their pages load very fast and here's a comparison between A2 and all the different hosting providers, some of the major ones out there like GoDaddy Bluehost, HostGator, and Siteground. 

a2 hosting review

A2 Hosting also uses a new server technology called QUIC (Quick Interaction Core) which uses multiplexed connections to improve page load speeds.

APC (APC is short for Automatic Performance Control), a software plugin that allows the server to skip the process of compiling files, also helps.

A2 hosting takes extra precautions to limit the number of people on ‘shared’ hosting servers and implements additional functionality like caching which stores information in people’s browsers (thereby limiting the number of times they have to go back and request information from your website again).

A2 had the fasted load times with an average of 353ms over a period of TWELVE months – the highest of every web host reviewed – and 200% faster than the industry average (1059ms). 

In addition to speed, A2 Hosting has a host of impressive security measures. Its servers use less memory and CPU, and have a much better uptime than its competition. It also uses a proprietary cPanel that features an optimized caching plugin to speed up your website.

A2 hosting review.  Below is a screenshot showing the speed comparison between A2 hosting and Bluehost. 

A2 hosting review

Conclusion: A2 hosting review.

Comparing A2 hosting vs 10 popular hosting providers.  With the turbo speed, 99.9% uptime, free SSL, extra features, top-notch support, user-friendly dashboard, free website migration, inexpensive hosting plans, and 30 day-money-back guarantees, I recommend A2 hosting as the preferred choice.

I have used A2 hosting service for nearly two years and have never had any issues with my websites.  If I had a question on how to use a feature, their chat support gave me immediate answers. 

Once you choose this hosting plan I would recommend a highly-rated plug-in to help optimize your web pages. 

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