Contentatscale AI Review

I'm doing my review on the contentatscale ai, and they claim it is not just another spin writer, but it's actually supposed to be an article that will not be detected as an automated article writer.

And they state that all the content will sound like a personalized professional article.  It will be SEO optimized and you won't have to spend time re-editing any of the content.

They have five plans that they have available right now.

4 Posts for $150/mo ($37.50/post), 8 Posts for $250/mo ($31.25/post).

Then  20 blog posts for $500 ($25/post), or 50 blog posts for $1,000 ($20/post), or 100 blog posts for $1,500 ($15/post).

If you were to have an article written by Hirewriters or iwriter that would cost at least $15-$20 for a good professional article.

I have used Hirewriters in the past.  Even when I paid $15 per article I had to do some editing so it fit the personalized style that I wanted.

If Contentatscale ai does what it claims they do, that would be an ideal way to generate all your content articles.

I signed up on their website and received 3 free uses to generate articles to see how I liked them.

You can select different writing tones such as bold, casual, dramatic, feminine, excited, grumpy, happy, informative, joking, masculine, persuasive, professional, sarcastic, and witty.

I chose informative for my first generated article ran it through Copyscape and it passed that test.

Contentatscale ai review of the article it wrote.

contentat scale ai review

I see the article generates a table of contents which is what Google likes to see. The article generated 2,400 words and as I read through it I was surprised that it read like someone personally wrote the article.

contentatscale ai

It gave a good intro with the keyword phrase and put in a meta description, and keyword optimization.

It also ended the article with a conclusion:

contentatscale ai review

As I continued reading through the article, there were a few personal points I added, but other than that the article was pretty good. I ran it through Grammarly, and there were a few words with quirks that I changed.

The article was formatted well, and it was ready to be posted on my website.

So from this standpoint, it would eliminate your having to find and hire a good writer. So if you went with the $500 per month plan you could have 20 posts written in a few hours.

It is definitely a time saver if you had to write each article or hired someone else to write them.

So the first step in this Contentatscale ai review is to see if it actually what kind of article it'll actually spit out to see.

Plus, the software will actually find featured images to input into your article as they have a huge database of images on every subject.

So my Contentatscale ai review is definitely a cut above other spin writers as most of those create articles that you need to edit to make it pass as human-written articles.

Many of the popular spin writers like Spin rewriter, Forge, and Jasper, will write readable articles.

However, most of these articles require time editing as they use general sentences without many details. 

Plus, if your article is relying on specific facts, you will have to look over those articles and do some research to make sure their facts are correct.

But if you're, a person who doesn't like to write your own articles and you have the budget, you can create a website quickly.

If that is the case, then Contentatscale ai would be a good solution.

I just read an article that Google likes websites to have more than 30 pages of content for the optimal way to get your pages ranked.  

So purchasing the 100 articles for $1,500 ($15 per article) would be a way to create content for your website quickly.

Google will index and rank an AI article if it is high-quality. Even after Contentatscale aI writes an article you still want to review it to make sure there are not any factual errors.

After Contentatscale ai writes an article I would recommend adding some personal info related to the content.

For example, if you had an article on losing weight, it would be good to add an example of how the weight loss article helped you out.  That will make the article more personalized.

If you look at that aspect of it, it's probably the equivalent of a price you'd pay for a writer to write the articles.  

And Contentatscale ai would include the table of contents, SEO optimization with keywords, and include relevant images for your website.

When I first got started making my website, I wrote my own articles as I had the time to do it plus, didn’t have the budget to pay someone to write the articles.

I had Contentatscale ai write an article comparing ConvertKit and Aweber. The content AI created 2,400 words with a lot of details with features, pricing, and comparison between the two.


Then as a test, I used spin rewriter to write the same article with the same keywords. Spin rewriter creates 1,000 words and did a comparison between ConverKit and Aweber.

The article by Spin Rewriter was pretty generic and didn’t elaborate on the details.

Plus, some of the sentences sounded a bit robotic and needed to be edited.


If you use one of the popular spin writers like Spin Rewriter, Article Forge, Jasper, etc. you would need to spend some time editing to avoid it sounding like automated generic articles.

Whereas Contentatscale ai generates an article that sounds like a personalized written article.  

But as I said earlier you still want to run it through Grammarly, and also add your own personalization at the end of the article. Then you can copy and paste and put it on your website.

So for my Contentatscale ai review... I give this a 4.8 rating out of 5.0   

If you have the money and don't want to spend time yourself or hire out writers, this can be a great alternative for you.

I am an affiliate and if you signup on my link, you will get 20% more post credits.  I encourage you to sign up to check it out as it could be very beneficial for getting your articles written.

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