How I Started

jj b

My name is JJ Banning and live in Marion, Iowa

I want to show you how I started my internet business and my struggles and losses when I started.

I started out buying several domain names and started out making a dog site in 2018 and dabbled in making a WordPress site.  I was working full time so only spent a few hours per week writing a few articles on my dog site.

I didn’t really know what to expect, as I was interested in dogs, and thought more of this as a hobby.

I was thinking this was a specific niche and might be able to get some keywords ranked high on Google and make a little extra money each month.

I signed up as an affiliate on Amazon and also signed up with Clickbank as an affiliate for a dog training course.

I then bought both Google Ads and Bing Ads thinking those would generate sales.

After spending about $500 I had only generated about $120 in sales so had a net loss of $380.

Being a bit discouraged with those results, I educated myself on becoming a successful affiliate marketer and found an article that mentioned to focuse on low competition keywords.  So I decided to write articles on less competitive keywords that get 100-200 searches per month.

I was not putting a lot of time in it since I was working full-time, and considered it more of a hobby.   At that time the site only generated about $5 per month on Adsense.

Then in 2022 I decided to get serious about putting more time and writing articles. 

After a few months, I was able to get a dozen keyword phrases ranked on the top ten of Google.

Then I noticed I started getting more traffic and my Adsense income went from $5 per month in August 2022 to December 2022  $102.01


I know this isn't any full-time monthly income.  But it shows that by writing 75 articles I was able to generate a small income stream without spending a dime on advertising. 

I purchased a course on marketing on YouTube by Matt Par.  This course was full of great information on how to generate the right keywords, thumbnails, descriptions and tags, along with information on getting ranked.

I then purchased a video creator in November 2022 that allowed me to make short videos without showing my face and uploaded them to YouTube.   

I was shocked when my videos generated over 25,000 views in 30 days and over 300 subscribers.   

I realized then that YouTube videos combined with a nice website with articles is the way to success.

As this site continues to grow in traffic and revenue, I decided to focus on other niches.

I now am focused on this videomaking website to show others how the best ways to create short videos to generate income.

First of all, I am transparent and will show you my profits and losses.

Have you ever noticed whenever you come across a YouTube video or Facebook ad, someone talks about how much money they made online.  However, they will not tell you know how much they spent to get the profits they claim.

Nor will anyone rarely ever say..."Here’s an ad I ran and lost $500".

I will continue researching and finding new products and testing out different programs each month.

I have created some videos to show you some of the results and pros and cons of different products.

If you notice I use my own voice on the the videos on this site.  However, I don’t care to be on camera as I fumble a lot when I have the camera on.  I realize many people do not want to be on camera and in fact don't want to use their own voice either.

So when found Pictory, I was amazed at how one could quickly make videos and use the AI voice so one doesn't have to use their voice or be on camera.

Most all of my videos for my dachshund site I now use the AI generated voice.

So my goal is to sow others how to find the right niche products to sell, how to create short videos for YouTube, how to setup a website and generate leads and sales. 

You might be asking why I would want to help you.

Well first, of all from a selfish standpoint...many of the products I promote are 2 tier.  Basically, so if you promote them and get a sale, I will make a commission as well.

Secondly, I only want to promote products that are useful and don't want to promote crap.  If I chose to promote a product that was not any good, then word would get out and it would not be good for my business or reputation.

And third, I do like to see other people succeed.  I struggled a lot in these past few years and know what it is like to be financially hurting.  

So if I can help others to succeed this helps my success both personally and financially as well.

Please check out all my videos and articles and if you like to email me or even chat online, I would be happy to talk to you about your struggles or what you are trying to accomplish.