Pictory Review

Is Pictory one of the best video creators?  Watch my video for in-depth look at the Pictory Video Creator

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Pictory is an all in one video creator.  

Thousands of Royalty Free Video and Image Clips, Audio Clips, AI Voiceovers, and more!

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Now you can easily create your own Youtube and TikTok Videos without showing your face or voice.  No Tech Skills Needed.

Here are 10 features that make this a top-quality video creator.

1.  Can add your script by copying and pasting your text or URL  and Pictory automatically generates scenes from your script.

2.  The scenes that are automatically generated include videos and images along with sentences.

3. You can select from a variety of templates showing different ways your text slides onto each scene.

4.  You can click on each scene and you have to option to upload your own videos or images.

5. You can use the built-in AI voices for your audio.  Many male and female voices to choose from.

6. Built-in timing for each scene. You have the option of have the AI voices read faster or slower. 

7. You have the option to add your own voice if you want to read the script.

8.  You have thousands of copyright-free music backgrounds you can add.

9. You can add intros and outros and include your own logo. 

10. First-rate support that responds quickly to any questions you have.