Affiliate Marketing On YouTube

I would like to share my experience and tips on how to start affiliate marketing on YouTube. Here are the recommended six steps to build a business using YouTube:

1. Pick a niche: Choose an interest that your channel will focus on.   Here are 4 of the popular niches that do well for affiliate marketing on YouTube:  

• Health & Fitness Niches: Weight Loss, Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, Keto, Vegetarian & Vegan
• Money Niches: Investing, Make Money Online, Cryptocurrency
• Home & Family Niches: Pets, Gardening, Home Security, Baby Products
• Lifestyle Niches: Online Dating, Travel, Fashion, Jewelry, Luxury

Once you select one of these 4 category niches, you then want to choose the specific niche.  For example if you chose the Health And Fitness Niche you then want to select Keto as your specific niche.

affiliate marketing youtube

2. Once you choose your specific niche then you want to find affiliate products to promote.

Search for affiliate products or programs related to your niche. Two of the best places to start are Clickbank and Digistore24, as they have high converting products to earn commissions as an affiliate.  Plus, the payouts on affiliate products are high where you can earn $50 - $100 per sale on some of the affiliate products.

One thing to keep in mind is that their is a lot of competition in these niches.

3. So the next step is to find the right low competition keywords for these niches and focus on those to create your YouTube videos with.  You can use VidIQ to find keywords and the competition amount for each keyword.

4. You will need to choose your YouTube Channel Name.  When choosing a channel name, start by thinking of words and phrases related to your niche. If you are having a hard time in finding a name for your channel, look at other YouTube channels for inspiration.

5. After you come up with your Channel Name, now create Your YouTube channel. You can choose a personal account, but I would recommend choosing  a brand account for your business.

6. For creating your visual images for your YouTube Channel, I would recommend using Canva as they have outstanding free templates you can use to customize your own brand.

7. You will need to create an attractive thumbnail and you can use Canva to create your thumbnails.  They have lots of templates for this and you can easily customize your thumbnail.

8. Now create your videos.  I recommend using Pictory as you can take content from your blog posts and articles and create attention-grabbing videos.  

Pictory offers easy video editing where you can easily trim video clips, add captions and images, and even insert your logo.  Then you can use their AI voices for voiceovers for your videos.

9. Then upload your videos to YouTube and make sure you use the right keywords for your titles, description, and tags.  The key is to create at least 15-20 videos with a focus of a different keyword for each video.  

10. In each description you want to put in your affiliate link.  You will want to shorten your affiliate link using

Affiliate Marketing On Youtube can be lucrative if you are consistent and keep creating videos using the low competition keywords, you can make money with your niche.   

For more in depth information on creating videos and affiliate marketing on YouTube I would recommend the Jet Video Academy course.  

This course can teach you step-by-step with excellent video training. 

If you need assistance in creating your first videos feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to help out. 

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