Best affiliate programs to promote?

There are tens of thousands of affiliate programs online.

So how do you know which ones to select?  After all, it would be a never ending process to try and promote each one to figure which are the best paying and best converting products.

There are some affiliate programs that might convert well, but the payout might only be $15 or $20, without any upsells or recurring monthly.  

So part of my criteria is finding ones that offer either (a) recurring monthly or (b) higher payouts where I can earn $100 or more per sale.

Here is my personal list of best affiliate programs to promote that offer recurring monthly.

Pictory: My number #1 Rated video creation software.  What I like is that it is easy to create videos by simply copying and pasting your script and the software automatically creates all the scenes with video/images, and text.  Plus, you can add AI voice over to read your script along with background music.  

They offer a free trial that you can create 3 videos and after the trial you can purchase a plan at $18 per month.   If you purchase by the year, you get a price discount as well.

As an affiliate, you can earn commissions and earn that every month for each person who continues their monthly subscription.

Here is my personal list of best affiliate programs to promote that offer higher commissions ($100 or more).

Perpetual Income is a brand new affiliate product that is getting very high conversions. It Make Up To $343.49 In Commissions Per Sale as well as monthly revenue.  

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