Best Residual Affiliate Programs 2023

Trying to make a full time income selling is very difficult.

Why promote affiliate products that pay small $20-$25 commissions.

For example in order to make $10,000 per month online selling a product that for a $20 commission you would need to make 500 sales a month.

And the average conversion is 2%-3%. So if you would need 25,000 visitors per month to your site with 2% conversion for sales to get 500 sales.

Plus you would have to do that every month to maintain your $10,000 goal.

Even experienced online marketers would have trouble getting that many sales.

Unless you have a lot of traffic through organic Google keyword rankings, a social media following, or a huge email list, it will be difficult to earn a full time income.   

There has to be a more profitable affiliate program out there right?

There are two options.

1.  Sell a high ticket affiliate program ($500 + per commission on a sale).

You can find affiliate products that sell for $1,000 or more and offer a $500 commission.

Thus you would only need 20 sales per month instead of 500 sales.

However, the drawback is that it is more difficult to sell a $1,000 product.

Someone willing to spend that kind of money you will have to target the right audience and convince them the product is trustworthy.

I find that it takes a lot more traffic to generate a sale on these.

These can be lucrative but recommended for those with internet marketing experience.

Newbies may have a difficult time generating sales with these high ticket products.

2. The Second Option (My Preferred)

Sell an affiliate product that generates residual income by customers paying every month.

There are many residual income affiliate products, but here are the 5 best residual affiliate programs.  

Why do I say that?  

The reason is that these programs are what most internet marketers need to build their business and will pay monthly for these products.   Thus, you can earn monthly profits as long as they continue to use the products each month.

Here are my 5 best residual affiliate programs.

1. Email Autoresponder - Aweber

People who buy email autoresponders will pay each month for this service and as they continue building their email list.

Aweber is one of the highly rated email autoresponders and you can earn 30% residual commissions on paid accounts.

If you you refer 10 or more new paid accounts in the trailing 12-month period, you will receive 40% commissions.

If you refer 50 or more new paid accounts in the trailing 12-month period, you will receive 50% commissions.

Plus, your referral payments are recurring for the entire time the customer account remains open!    

They offering a free plan with up to 500 subscribers, but you only get 1 list and no automation sequence.  So people can check out the free plan and many will then upgrade and then you get paid.  

Their paid plans start at $29.99 for up to 2,500 subscribers, $49.99 per month for 5,000 subscribers, and $149.99 per month up to 25,000 subscribers. 

So if you get their top payout with 50 customers in a year at 50% commission and if those customers go to the $49.99 per month level, you will be earning nearly $1,250 per month!

This is one of the best residual affiliate programs to signup for!

best residual affiliate program

2.  AI content creator - Content at scale AI

With Ai being the newest way to create content today, anyone who needs articles created witll want to utilize AI.

Many people use Chatgpt which is free for anyone to use. However, the drawback is that once an article is written you will have to manually do a lot of editing to make it sound personalized and pass AI detection for Google.

I used chatgpt in the past, which was good for giving me outlines and data to use, but then I spent a lot of time rewriting the content. 

I tried a number of AI article content writers, but found one that writes human like content. 

Content at scale is my preferred choice as it will save you time and write complete human like articles that pass AI detection. 

They have one of the best residual affiliate programs as they offer 15% commission and since it is a monthly charge, many people will continue to use it every month. Plus, they also offer a sub affiliate program and you can earn 5% commission on their sales as well.

With AI being the hot trend, having an AI article writer will save tremendous amounts of time for any website creator.   Prices are $500 per month for 20 Articles ($25 per article).  But this is cheaper than paying a professional writer to produce your content. 

best residual affiliate programs

 3. Video Creator/Editor - Pictory

Pictory is an AI software that I use to create videos for YouTube.  It is easy to create a vidoe as you merely have to copy and paste your script and their AI software generates all the scenes complete with video and image clips, background music, and AI voiceovers.

They have an affiliate program and pay 20% commission. Plus they offer 10% commissions on sub affiliates.   Thus, when you signup a customer and they in return become an affiliate and signup others, you make 10% commission of their customers.

Another reason this is one of the best residual affiliate programs is that most people who signup tend to keep using it for creating videos every month.  

best residual affiliate programs

4. WordPress Theme - Thrive Architect

Want to build an affiliate marketing website?

Thrive Suite Builder is an excellent way to create a dynamic website and you can signup as an affiliate and earn 35% residual commission.  Thrive Architect is the perfect software to build your WordPress site with drop and drag modules to create professional looking websites.  

You can purchase individual modules or they whole Thrive Suite package is $299 per year.  So you can earn a nice residual monthly income as long as they continue using Thrive Suite.

For anyone who has a website once they use Thrive Suite they will keep it for the life of their website as Thrive continues to upgrade with more features and always has great support.

Truly this is one of the best residual affiliate programs.

best residual affiliate programs

5. Tubebuddy

For people wanting to create YouTube videos, Tubebuddy is a recommended plugin.

You can start an account for free with TubeBuddy. It helps you boost your video ranking on YouTube and get more video views.

Tools they have:

Title Generator, Thumbnail Generator, Thumbnail Analyzer, Keyword Explorer, Video Tags For Your Videos, Video Topic Planner, Suggested Shorts, Translate Your Videos To 40+ languages.

What I like is that they pay 50% residual commission for life and pay out in paypal!   

They have a free plan with limited usage to test it out  Their paid plans are $7.50 per month and $32.99 per month.

best residual affiliate programs

Want to learn how to create YouTube Videos for profits?  

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