Top Clickbank Health Product Offers for February 2021

Those who are in the health niche in Clickbank, here are the top 5 converting health products for February 2021

1. Steelbite
Steelbite is a supplement containing 23 herbs, nutrients, and plants that supports oral health. This offer is ranked #1 on ClickBank right now.  Check out these affiliate stats:
EPC = $.89
Max Cart Value = $881
Average $/conversion = $108.92

With exceptionally compelling copy, this offer does well on a multitude of platforms. Considering that nearly everybody has teeth and an increasing interest in all-natural products, there’s a wide audience that will be responsive to this top offer.

Check out Steelbite For Affiliates

2. The Lost Book of Remedies

The Lost Book of Remedies is another top seller. This chart-crusher has famously high EPC and AOV.
Due to Facebook’s new guidelines, affiliates are encouraged to promote via email.

This offer is a great foray into the survivalist niche, but not too specific that it should deter anyone interested in these stellar stats:

75% Commission

Upsells with 75% Commission

EPC = $3.25

Receive up to $151.8/Sale

3. Flat Belly Tonic

The Flat Belly Tonic offer has been on the ClickBank Top list for a few months now.

With a high EPC and AOV, this offer is perfect for media buying and email lists.

The affiliate page is chock full of marketing assets for promoters and affiliates can expect to earn and average EPC of $1.32

Check out the affiliate tools page here.

4. The Lost Ways
Here’s another perfect offer for the survivalist niche affiliates. The best thing about this offer are the videos that you can A/B test on your traffic. However, like The Lost Book of Remedies, this offer is best for email due to the updated Facebook restrictions. Don’t let that stop you from promoting though; the EPC on this offer averages around $1.38. 
Average $/conversion = $47.23
Recurring$/rebill = $16.02

Check Out The Lost Ways

5. YogaBurn

YogaBurn offers an excellent affiliate tools page.

This offer looks good and converts extremely well.

With an EPC of $1.11, YogaBurn is a highly compliant offer full of upsell potential.
Average $/conversion = $112.65
Recurring $/rebill = $32.06

Check out YogaBurn

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