YouTube Channels Ideas Without Showing Your Face.  5 proven channels. 

youtube channels ideas without showing your face

Do you want the best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face?

Yes, you can make a good income without having to show your face on YouTube videos. 

There are lots of YouTubers making a lot of cash without having to be on camera.

Actually, many individuals do not even produce their own videos and make use of other people's videos that are royalty-free to generate income.

I never wanted to be on camera myself, so was happy that I could make Youtube videos and make additional income.

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

After researching, here are 5 types of YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

You need an easy-to-use video creator/editor such as Pictory.   

Here are the advantages of making YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face.

1. You don’t have to purchase costly cameras and lighting equipment.
2. You don’t have to setup a background or green screen to make videos.
3. You don’t have to worry about your looks as you won’t be on camera.
4. You don’t have to be embarrassed by people who know you and could see you on video clips.

Now before you start with YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face, you need to find the right niche.

I would suggest using a chrome extension like VidIQ as that will give you a good niche for earning potentials. 

It also has good stats on YouTube videos like titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags so you can make sure your videos meet the right criteria.

They have a Free version to get started in VidIQ 

Now then, here is a list of 5 niches of YouTube channel ideas without showing your face that you can create in 2023.

1. Self-Improvement Channels.  

Everyone likes to improve themselves and this is a very popular niche.

One good example is "Brainy Dose".  This channel gets 2 million subscribers and get over 3.7 views per month.

If you watch their videos you will notice all they did was have mainly stock video footage with a voiceover narration.  You can do the same thing and if you don't want to do the voice narration you can use an AI voice over. 

YouTube Channels Without Showing Your Face

2. Health Channel such as Losing Weight is another popular choice of the YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face.

One example of this is "Bestie".  If you notice their videos are much like the "Brainy Dose" videos as they use stock video clips and voice over narration. 

YouTube Channel Without Showing Your Face

To Make these type of videos you just need royalty free stock video footage and images.  I use Pictory, a video creator that includes royalty free stock videos and images for all types of niches.  

3. Top 10 List Channel Videos

Top 10 List Channels are popular YouTube Channel ideas without showing your face.

Everything from top 10 best NBA players, top 10 favorite movies and Top 10 dog breeds.

One example is “Top 10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed” and then you list each dog breed with photos, video clips, background music, and voice over narration.

Again you can use an AI voice if you do not want to use your own voice for narration.

These are fairly easy to make. Just do the research on the subject of your choice to find the top ones you want to include.

Do research on YouTube and type in “Top 10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed” and see how others made their videos.  Find ones that had over 100k views and over 10k subscribers.

Look to see the age of their videos, how many minutes long it is and how their quality is. Then figure out a way to make yours better.

Here are title examples you can create for your top list.
The top 10 ways to __________
5 best and worst ____________
7 steps to _______________
Top 10 signs that __________________

4. Craft Channel Videos.

An example of these types of videos are “5 minute Crafts” which gets 155 million views each month. 

One difference in this type of channel is that you will need a camera to record the videos.  You don't have to show your face, but you will have to show your hands to demonstrate the videos. 

YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

The video clips are showing someone’s hands creating some unique crafts with simple items. There are no face shots or voiceovers. Just some background music and the creation of the craft.

If you are creative you can come up with some life hack videos of something you can create at home.  

Some other craft ideas are:

cooking, doing your nails, home repairs (fix a leaky faucet), and how to paint or draw.

To make this video, you just need a bright sheet on top of a table, and your camera on a tripod to record it.

Then when you are done simply upload the video clip to a good video editing software like Pictory to add music.

5. Meditation And Relaxation Videos:

Making these videos are fairly easy to make. People like to view meditation videos to help release stress and anxiety.  

What you do is find soothing video clips of mountain streams or waterfalls, etc.

Then you can add soothing background music like raindrops, ocean waves, rustling trees, water flowing over rocks, etc.  It's a site and sound relaxing experience, so no need to show your face or voice.  

Now to create YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face, here are resources you can use.

1. Pictory – I have tried using 4 different video editors and they all had some good points, but for the money Pictory is one of the easiest and complete video creator and editors I have tried.

It has ready made templates and you can copy and paste your script and their software automatically assigns scenes with photos, and videos synced with your script.

You can add your own voice or select their AI voice, with many male and female voices.

They have copyright free audio you can use for background music as well.

They have a free version that gives you 3 videos per month, but they have a watermark on the corner of the videos.

I would highly recommend the paid version which is $19 per month.

You can get a free trial that enables you to create 3 videos.  And if you decide to opt for the paid version you can use my promo code for 20% off.   Jeffrey40.  

2. Canva is my personal choice for creating thumbnails, channel art, logos, and graphics. They have a free version that you can use, but to use all the templates for creating thumbnails, channel art, etc, you will need the paid version.

You can get a paid version for about $13 a month that gives you full access. 

 You can create Youtube Channel photos, Youtube Thumbnails, and Youtube Intro and Ending video clips. You can then download them and upload them into your video creator/editor.

3. Camtasia is a fantastic product if you need to record screens for videos.

You can purchase a tripod and have your camera or phone facing downward to record a video if you are making craft channel videos.

It excels in editing features with timelines of both video and audio. If you want to record your voice but not your face, you can do so and import it and sync it to your videos.

They also have transitions like fade in/fade out, flips, page turns, etc.

4. Fiverr – If you don't want to do most of the work yourself you can hire it out.

You can have your entire videos created for you if you don’t want to spend the time to do it yourself.  Or if you need a specific task such as a voice over, you can hire that out on Fiverr as well. 

I used fiverr when I first got started, but now I create my own videos.  Check out the artists on demand below.

How much can you make with a faceless YouTube network?

There isn’t a set number of how much you can make, but there are many youtubers who make full time income each month without showing their face.

You need to provide some value for a targeted group of people. In addition, you need to promote your videos to get traffic coming in.

Conclusion:  YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

How many videos do you need to make?  Well you don’t just make one or two videos and expect a huge income.

But realistically, you want to make make 25-30 videos to really get it rolling.

Even if you only made one video every 3-4 days, you can have some traffic and potential income coming in after 3-4 months.

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