Done For You Funnel Pages, Bridge Pages, Niche Products To Promote, And Leads For Your Own Email Autoresponder

Why spend endless hours trying to create all this yourself?

No need to waste your time and be overwhelmed trying to make a profitable online business as we will do it for you.  

I know that most people…

Don’t want to spend endless hours of time to invest

Don’t want to try and figure out which affiliate products will convert for sales

Don’t want to figure out all the technical issues to make web pages and an email autoresponder

Don’t know how to get traffic and leads to make sales.

                                                                                  So I will make it simple for you.

Why Not Partner With Me For 2021


Signup With Clickbank as an affiliate. (Free to signup). 

I choose your high converting clickbank niche products.


Enter your ClickBank ID

This is so you get credit for any sales your pages make. 


Done for you landing and bridge pages for capturing leads.

You signup for FREE with Groovefunnels.  Then I create your

pages for you.


Email autoresponder sequences setup for you. You simply 

signup for FREE trial on Aweber and I take care of the rest. 


Targeted business opportunity leads are sent to

your landing and bridge pages and leads opt in to your email 


That’s it you’re done!  

Once you place your order I will contact you by email to setup a

time for our phone conversation.

I Only Have Time To Work With 10 People For The Rest Of 2020.

So Signup To Claim Your Spot (Limited To 10 People).  


1 Done for you  pages, with 100 high quality leads for fast, way to promote 1 niche product and build your list




  • 1 Done For You Funnel Page
  • 1 Done For You Bridge Page
  • Setup Your Aweber Account And Pre Load 14 Email Sequences
  • 1 High Conversion Niche Product To Promote
  • 100 High Quality Leads Sent Out To Your Landing Page

3 Done for you systems with 300 high quality leads for fastest, effective way to promote your 3 niche products and build your list along with 30 minute phone consultation




  • 3 Done For You Funnel Pages
  • 3 Done For You Bridge Pages
  • Setup Your Aweber And Pre Load 30 Email Sequences
  • 3 High Conversion Niche Products To Promote
  • 300 High Quality Leads Sent Out To Your Landing Page
  • Free 30 Minute Consultation

Complete Done For You System:

Let Us Help You Achieve Success In Affiliate Marketing!

Watch the video above to see exactly how we provide you with a complete turnkey affiliate marketing package. 


JJ Banning

JJ specializes in creating effective landing and bridge pages for niche products.  


Jon Condit

Dr. Jon specializes in providing high quality business opportunity seeker leads.  Great at generating your email optins for success!

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